About Us

‘Talaash’, known to be as a benchmark amongst all fests in the city, is one of the biggest management festival organised by the BMS department of Jai Hind College. The twenty-year-old jamboree is a conceptualisation of Bachelor of Management students - it’s a festival for, of and by the BMS department. Having established itself in such a manner, it provides impetus to the students to learn, grow and showcase their managerial skills in the most practical and constructive manner.

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Tactical knowledge is something that we often can’t learn by reading books; it is acquired by addressing real problems and practice, it relates to experience, ideas, intuition, values, creative thinking, emotions, skills and attitudes. A person who is able to experience things not just get a hands-on understanding of the subject but also learns in a faster and easier manner. The same theory applies to students.

Dr. Ashok Wadia

Principal , Jai Hind College

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Unbreakable bonds, boundless fun, and uncountable memories. It all comes down to the knowledge you gain, the values you inculcate and the memories you gather along the way, and Talaash gives you that. "It gives you the feel of college life", is what she said and believes when asked what Talaash meant to her and everyone connected to it as a whole.

Dr. Rakhi Sharma

Head Of Department BMS