Because every picture tells a million stories...

Shutter Stories

Shutter Stories is an event to promote the budding photographers of Gen Z. They say a picture tells a million stories; do you think your picture’s story can impress Rohan Shrestha?

1st prize - ₹ 8,000

2nd prize - ₹ 5,000

3rd prize - ₹ 2,000

Top 5 winners get an in-depth session on photography with Mr. Rohan Shrestha.


To participate in the event, you have to click photographs. These photos should portray a self-explanatory story. You can add a write up along with your photos of not more than 40 words. The photographs should be portraying one story only. Not more than 5 photographs should be sent. The top 3 winners will be awarded with a cash prize, and the top 5 will get to experience an in-depth session with Mr. Rohan Shrestha on photography.

The event will be judged by Mr. Rohan Shrestha.

• Registration for the event is open from 30th August 2020 [12 noon IST] to 6th

September 2020 [11:59 PM IST].

• Entries will be accepted till 11th September 2020 [11:59 PM IST].

• A maximum of 5 photographs can be sent.

• Photographs can be clicked from any camera (including your phone camera).

• Write up (caption) cannot exceed 40 words.

• The event will be purely judged on expression of theme, originality, creativity, clarity

& quality, level of detail, and artistic merit.

• The write up is only for reference and will not be criteria for judgement.

• To keep a check on plagiarism, we would want you to send a photo of you while you

click these photographs (anyone can click this picture, it is solely for our satisfaction

and will hold no judgement).

• Upload an identity proof showing your age.

• Entries can be sent as an email or be uploaded on google drive and be shared to Do not forget to allow access.

• Inappropriate content will lead to disqualification.

Age Limit: 16- 24 years

Terms & Conditions Apply*


Online Event 2020

Since the world is at a standstill and everyone is exploring new skills, hobbies and introspecting themselves, finding hidden talents they never knew they possessed, Talaash came up with 'Talent ki Talaash', a talent hunt for the youth with not just nation wide participation but international too. There have been 100+ registerations and talents varying from dance to music to literature. The event has been spread out across a span of a month, with 3 rounds. 
First round was all about registration and sending their talent clip. After qualifying the first round, there was a battle duel in second round. And third round was a Live performance round on Instagram.

We got three winners for "Talent Ki Talaash 2020" who will be performing in Talaash 2020.



Pre Event 2019

In light of the ongoing water crisis, Team Talaash proudly conducted it’s very first Pre-Event for the year, “VAARI - Every Drop Counts”, dedicating a group of approximately 200 volunteers for the same. The idea was to distribute tap caps among the people at large to promote water conservation. A tap cap is a device that reduces the flow of water through the fan equipped inside it thereby storing and saving around 7 litres of water per tap per day.  Approximately 1500 of such tap caps were distributed among locals through the length and breadth of the city covering the busiest of the suburban train stations including the CSMT, Andheri, Bandra, Malad and Dockyard Road.

Instead of merely complaining and bombarding about the “need to save water”, Team Talaash decided to do something impactful about it, taking their share of social responsibility towards the world water crisis. 



Say No To Plastic

With the recent ban on plastic bags by the CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, the life of Mumbaikars seems to have come to a halt just like the city traffic on a rainy afternoon. The complete removal of plastic bags from shops and malls has lately been a troublesome yet effective way of getting rid of its hazardous effects on the environment. Thus keeping this in mind, the students of Jai Hind college decided to support this social cause by organizing an event as part of their renown festival Talaash, and distributed approximately 1500 cloth bags across Mumbai. Team Talaash dedicated their entire day towards this cause by traveling to various places in the city namely Bandra, Malad, Churchgate and Thane and distributed free cloth bags to the general public in malls, across police stations, to college peons as well as to the people living in slums.
-Content by Dhiti Saklani.



Talaash 2017 Pre event

Naari was a student-driven sanitary pad drive that gave us an insight into the lives of several underprivileged women. While tackling the issue of menstrual health, the event not only spread awareness, but also made a much needed difference in the lives of these 200 women.
Talaash has always been taking up sensitive issues and will continue to make an impact albeit slowly, but steadily.



Last Diwali, we made a change. We lit diyas, we lit sparklers, but most importantly - we lit up the lives of many children.
‘Be the Light’ was one such initiative where we made numerous Diwali items including diyas and sold them with the help of other NGO volunteers, the proceeds of which were forwarded to ‘Social Beyond Boundaries’, an NGO that works towards the betterment of unprivileged children. We did our bit, now its time to do yours!

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